A Poem for Survivors

Photo by Efdal YILDIZ on Pexels.com

Dear Survivor,

You are safe now.
You are free, and you can


All the parts you tucked away, buried
hidden from the drip of cynicism

And the explosions of rage

Those sudden bursts of venom that stole your shine
The antidote was your courage and your refusal to cower
You glow, my darling.

You hid away the tender pieces of your heart
Hoping for rescue
struggling quietly, unseen

Call these things forth
into the light

You are safe now,
out you come


Your voice is a beacon
A powerful force to push away darkness

You are brave
You are free

It is safe to flourish now

Your love and your tears are growing
a harvest
of strength
of truth
of delight and dancing and deliverance


Why Am I Blogging?

Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

The purpose of this blog is to empower and inform women and men about coercive control, especially as it pertains to the Christian woman.

Here I will share bits of my own story, and I will share what I have learned combined with research from experts on abuse and its many forms.

Thanks for joining me!